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Hi there. This is my first blog entry. Decided to dedicate it to movies, since I love watching movies so much.

So, what's the difference between this movie blog and the rest? Well, I guess it will be very personal, how a movie can affect me, or how it can even reflect my life.

Though I do movie reviews elsewhere, I believe a blog will allow more communication and sharing of ideas. You may hate what I love. No problems at all. Feel free to contribute. Be personal! Tell me how this movie relates to you.

Welcome to The Movie Club...

23 Responses to “Welcome to The Movie Club”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hey hi! Came across your blog by chance and i enjoy reading it.
    I am intending to watch Spanglish after reading your movie reviews. Great work here and keep updating! Looking forward to your entries =))

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi is the ban ban photo urself?
    erm u quite shuai hehe

    keep working hard in ufm

  3. Anonymous Katie 

    Jia You!

  4. Anonymous ShUwEI 

    This is nice... keep it up... jiayou... (^,^)

  5. Anonymous ShUwEI 

    This is nice... keep it up... jiayou... (^,^)

  6. Anonymous ShUwEI 

    This is nice... keep it up... jiayou... (^,^)

  7. Anonymous ShUwEI 

    This is nice... keep it up... jiayou... (^,^)

  8. Anonymous ShUwEI 

    This is nice... keep it up... jiayou... (^,^)

  9. Blogger AngelKiss 

    Oooh... hi there! u can add a tagboard.. so pple can tag u!! =P

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi.. after reading ur blogspot on the movie review.. i think i know wat i am going to watch.. cOoL.. keEp iT uP...

  11. Anonymous BanBan 

    Anonymous1: Great to have you as the first person to leave a comment. Tell me what you feel after the show. Disclaimer: Not everybody will appreciate such shows. It's just me. :)

    Anonymous2: Sometimes pictures and photoshop can work wonders. :) But I am not shuai lah.

    Shuwei: Thanks Thanks

    Angelkiss: How do I add a tagboard? I am still new to this.

  12. Anonymous yunjoy 

    hey.quite a nice blog wor..jiayou!

  13. Blogger AngelKiss 

    i'm still learning too..


    u can try this link 1st.. follow the instructions and add the html to your page source. u can delete it and use anoher host later. normally u can get the link from other pple's tagboard.. just try clickin somewhere... ha... can understand this part... not very clear thou..

    N can tell mi which program u used to add your pics? cos picasa2 and hello are givin mi probs.. thanz in advance (^-^)V

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    or you can also use cbox as your tagboard


    it's more user-friendly

  15. Blogger F3LiCi@ 

    hihi...i was one of e listeners last night...the fel-pisecs-music...u jia you jia you jia jia you!!!:Pmy blog not nice one...if u have not visit..den ok...if you have...den i know it is very ugly! oh ya...forgot to say u also quite shuai!!!better den all the boys in my class!!!all so sissy!!!!

  16. Blogger Priscilla 

    Interesting blog you have here that kept me occupied for quite some time.
    Anyway, did you watch The Eye 10? It's quite "bloodcurdling".. haha

  17. Blogger lost soul 

    hey banban, a great blog... keep it up!

  18. Blogger F3LiCi@ 

    erm...can i take back my words abt the boys in my class all sissy...coz some really not sissy...esp. MX!!!:P

  19. Anonymous BanBan 

    Anonymous: Thanks. I got Cbox up.
    Lost Soul: Thanks for the support!
    f3lici@: Yes, you can take your words back.
    Priscilla: Are you my student? :P

  20. Blogger Priscilla 

    You do have an excellent memory.. haha =|

  21. Anonymous Anonymous 

    you are a teacher?

  22. Anonymous Anonymous 

    no more updates?

  23. Anonymous BanBan 

    Sorry for the lack of updates. It's a pity it is the 'down' season now, especially for this week. The hit films are like "Beauty Shop" and "Pacifier", which are not exactly my cup of tea.

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