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I know I havn't been blogging for a long time. It's the start of the school semester and the SIFF as well. I promise to update some good movies that I have watched.

Anyway, this is a very funny Heritage thing I found online. Supposedly match you to the celebrity you look most alike with. Here's my Top 3.

Now... I always think I looked Korean... hee hee... But John Woo? Hmm.... So who do you think I look like? :)

Reincarnation (Japan)


Is the end near for Japanese horror movies? The Ring was scary; Dark Waters shivery; Ju-On okay; The rest laughable. Have we watched too much, or the quality just isn't there anymore?

Japan's foremost cinematic master of the macabre Takashi Shimizu (from Ju-On and Grudge fame) returns with this tale of a hotel haunted by its violent history. This is the 3rd of a series of 6th (The first 2 being Infection and Premonition.) They should have stopped at one.

A mass murder of 11 occurred in a hotel 35 years earlier, and people in present day find themselves haunted by the murders. That's when confusion sets in. The people who are reincarnated from the murders end up being murdered again by their spirits. Confusing? Illogical? Yes, quite. The movie should have been titled Karma instead of Reincarnation.

If you get pass that, the mystery can keep you riveted for a while. And yes, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a twist.

The movie flopped in Japan. Oversupply or over-exhaustion? Let's hope it doesn't mark the decline of this genre.

Reincarnation – At least it's not a comedy.

Inside Man


It's a pity Inside Man is in the newspapers for the wrong reason – bad censorship. A number of expletives (you know, the F, B, and D words) have been removed to make the film compatible with a PG rating instead of a NC-16.

A top notch cast of Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster, Number 1 first week in US box office, an 88 point on Rotten Tomatoes critic, this seem to be a "must-watch".

Wrong move for the bad censorship really. Firstly, it mars the overall pleasure. Imagine: What the _____, so _____ing bloody _____ . Yes, they have done it with awkward blank silence. It's not as if kids below 16 will watch Inside Man anyway, over say Ice Age or some other comedies. After all, Inside Man's more of a conversational piece than a visual one, and target will be mature audience.

The movie's about a well-planned bank robbery and keeps you suspended till the end. Spike Lee's energetic and clever bank-heist thriller touches on questions of race and class without taking away from the tension and fun of the cat-and-mouse games.

Inside Man - Enjoyable! If V for Vendetta is the movie for March, then inside Man will be the one for April.

The Producers


Oh oh, Rent has been slammed right, left and centre by most critics. Do you even know that it is screening now? How does Tony-Award Winning musical The Producers fare?

Down on his luck Bialystock (Nathan Lane) and accountant Bloom (Matthew Broderick) reprise their roles as producers who want to produce a Broadway flop – because flops make more money than hits. All they need is a bad script, bad director and bad cast. Yes. Seems like movies with bad scripts, director and cast always make more money too. No?

Watch out for Uma Thurman as the Swedish actress/receptionist/secretary Ulla. She can play anything from a Kill Biller to the prancey dumb blond. German, Swedish and gay stereotypessssssss (no typo here) aside, The Producers is totally nonsensical, humorous, silly and loud.

Friends enjoyed it, though I was more concerned about the editing – or lack of editing which led to long shorts (which gave it a theatrical feel) and a long movie. But I didn't really care.

The Producers - Life's so stressful, we all need a little bit of laughs, and Uma Thurman.

Running Wild


Running Wild's a Made-In-Korea gangster movie where the detective and prosecutor happens to go after the same man - a mafia boss who does charity work. No twists. No surprises. The bad guy IS the bad guy.

5 reasons you should catch Running Wild

1) It stars Stairways to Heaven's Kang Sang Woo (hears screaming ladies)
2) You can catch his fake tan, probably sponsored by those self application lotion. Now, I know what NOT to buy.
3) It has fast cars, silly villians and brotherhood. All fair and square. Ultraviolet's for the guys and this for the girls.

4) Great acting, with Kang Sang Woo acting as a stubborn and impulsive dectective with more tears than Chang Jin.
5) You love fast action mafia movies.

5 reasons you should not watch Running Wild
1) Kang Sang Woo leaves his shirt on (too bad girls)
2) Kang Sang Woo has fake tan, and pretends to be man.
3) You may prefer Chow Yun Fatt earlier movies if you want fast cars, silly villians and brotherhood.
4) You can wait for MI3 which has better acting.... er... maybe not.
5) You prefer Da Chang Jin on Channel U.

Running Wild - Bang Bang. ... Zzzz.... Bang Bang.

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