Be With You いま、会いにゆきます


Do you remember the last time you were touched? Sometimes when you feel very lost in the world, what you need is a movie like this.

You probably heard the story from somebody who told you “You must watch this movie…” Father and son meet a woman who looks exactly like their wife/mother one year after her death anniversary. While she has lost her memory, they start to relive the moments of true love and simplicity.

What does this movie remind of? First Love…. Sweet, simple, poignant. A feeling you want to revive all over again, but how many first loves can there be? We live life once, but somehow never managed to treasure what is there.

This is a fairytale movie, but I am one who truly believes fairytales do happen. While the rest of the cinema was sniffing away, I fought hard to control my tears. I think I should just leave that feeling within my eyes.

Be With You – Love doesn’t have to be that complicating.

Initial D (Press Conference)


(From Left)
Kenny Bee – Amiable and funny, fills up awkward silences
Shawn Yue – Cool, answers only when needed
Jay Chou – Obviously the star of the show. More chatty than I expected
Edison Chan – Shows boredom blatantly. Scribbles, yawns and doesn’t answer questions.
Anthony Wong – Signs of frustrations at ‘silly’ questions. “Don’t mess with me.”

Highlights from the conference
Q (to Edison): What kind of preparations you had before the show?
Edison: I do not need preparations.

Q (to Edison): Blah Blah Blah….
Edison: I do not wish to answer. (Scribble scribble)

Q (to Edison): What is your impression of Jay?
Edison: I am happy to be in this movie. His fans will watch this movie, and then notice me. It makes me happy. (Aww……..)

Q (to Jay): How did you react to appearing topless in the movie?
Jay: I am embarrassed. I have one big tummy!

Q (to Anthony): How do you find Jay’s acting?
Anthony: Good…. My answer is not enough?.... Very, very good then. (Well said)

Batman Begins


This is considered a prequel to 5 earlier remakes.
The darkest of this series of movie as our hero embraces the dark side.
Liam Neeson returns as the ‘shifu’ advising our hero.
This is a review on Star Wars, wait… No? Oh, it’s Batman Begins.

While many of such block busters focus on special effects and the bow-wow factors, Batman Begins explores the intricate and sensitive nature of Batman himself.

Being able to marry both story and entertainment value for a comic remake is not easy. Many tried and failed (eg The Hulk). It was one of the push factors for Spiderman’s success.

No comparison intended, but you will see the connection. While Spiderman is one of the top blockbuster hits, audiences will not take to Batman that easily. It lacks the fun element and chemistry between the leads.

Batman Begins – It’s dark, it’s original, it’s entertaining. Being memorable is another thing.

Initial D


The most widely anticipated Hong Kong movie this year. You may want to watch it because
1) “Infernal Affairs” directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak join forces again.
2) It has an eye candy cast for adolescent girls (Jay Chou, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Jordan Chan), aunties (Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Kenny Bee) and boys (Anne Suzuki, sorry there’s only one babe in the show).
3) You loved the Japanese comic “Initial D”
4) They have so many publicity stunts for it, which includes an earlier racing car girl contest.
5) You support Jay Chou (It’s his first lead movie!)

You want to watch it because
1) As a male, you get an adrenalin rush from watching the racing car scenes
2) As a female, you get an adrenalin rush when Jay Chou removes his shirt, and smiles

I want to watch it again because
1) The editing and cinematography has a strong comic feel (last seen this form of editing in “The Hulk”)
2) The soundtrack is appropriate, makes the movie look like an MTV.
3) Chapman To (who looks ready to take over Eric Tseng’s sidekick role) and Anthony Wong sizzles.
4) I loved the ending. Anthony Wong is just that good.
5) Jay Chou (I WAS not a Jay Chou fan.)

Initial D – You watch for the Feel and the Feel is Right

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


John Smith (Brad Pitt): Successful partner in construction business
Real Identity: Assassin

Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie): Career woman by day, domestic housewife by night
Real Identity: Assassin

Status: Married to each other and bored
Next Job: To kill each other…

Mr and Mrs Smith has more drama outside the movie than within it. Angelina is HOT, HOT, HOT and she looks much better as Mrs Smith than Tomb Raider girl. After watching it, you somehow know why Brad Pitt left Jennifer (not that I am encouraging it).

It’s sarcastic, cynical, and dark (both literally and metaphorically). Love the editing and flow, but could have been more intense. Better than I expected especially in terms of the dialogue.

Mr and Mrs Smith – Doesn’t blow you, but kicks some ass.



“Hahahahahhaha…….” This is THE most funny horror movie I have watched.

Laughter (or stupidity) Meter
1) Portia De Rossi (from Ally Mcbeal) acts as a gypsy (x 2)
2) Werewolf appears and jumps around (x 7)
3) Woman victim screams in elevator with werewolf outside (x 3)
4) Woman victim sticks her head out of elevator (x 8)
5) Another woman victim opens toilet door knowing somebody is screaming inside (x7)
6) Werewolf looks like a big, cuddly soft toy (x 5)
7) Victim got lifted up by werewolf
8) Werewolf points middle finger (x 10)

Oh, this is a horror movie? By Wes Craven and Christina Ricci?! Wes Craven? The director of Scream? What happened?

Cursed – Pay $9.50 and be cursed.
(2 stars for its entertainment value. Otherwise, please thank me for saving you $9.50.)

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