Scary Movie 4


"I don't want to watch Scary Movie. I am scared. Don't like horror shows."

Fair enough. Not a fan definitely.

The mother of all scary spoofs is back with digs at movies like War of the World, The Grudge, Saw, Brokeback Mountain and Million Dollar Baby. Tom Cruise won't be a fan of the movie either.

I happen to be one who really liked the first 3 movies even though it may feature toilet humour and cheap jokes. If you havn't watched any of they spoofed above, then you won't probably get what's all the fuss about.

However, the jokes are getting a little tired this time round. As with most other movies, you see everything in the trailer already. No fun left. Bleh!

Scary Movie 4 - Most movies stop at 3. There must be a reason why.

Superman Returns


I didn't know how much I missed Superman.

He was every child's hero. When I was 5, I dreamt of flying, tied a towel around my neck and jumped from my table. It was a failure attempt to fly, and I ended up with a visit to the doctor, two broken tooth, and a bump at the back of my head (which happens to be still around). You can touch to check. :)

Even as grown ups, there is a child in every one of us. I starred wide-eyed as Superman first appeared on the screen. Brandon Routh really fitted both Christopher Reeve's suit and shoes well.

Superman is back after missing for five years. The world is chaotic, and Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is planning to rule the world. His love Lois Lane (Kate Brosworth) has moved on, engaged to Richard White (James Marsden) and even has a child.

With all the conflicts, expect a softer Superman where we see his human side. Bryan Singer brings along a visual spectacular along with emotional complexity as he did with X-Men.

Superman Returns has its flaws. Brosworth and Marsden are the weakest links, as they are not commanding as much screen presence as they should. At 154 minutes, it feels 34 minutes too long, but it is still a visual treat.

By the way, I still fondly remember Maureen McGovern's "Can you read my mind?" Can you?

Superman Returns – Welcome Back Superman

The King and The Clown (Korean)


This is not a gay film.

The King and the Clown has broken the Korean box-office, drawing curiosity from audience on its homosexual theme. The timing hasn't been more right, since it is still riding on the waves of the Brokeback Mountain fever. Fans of Da Chang Jin will like its period setting.

The film talks about Prince Yeonsan's despotic and cruel rule, and his peculiar relationship with his jester Gong-gil. Gong-gil and Jang-seng are clowns who gain their way to the palace after performing plays which insulted the king.

Casting is excellent despite not featuring top-popularity Korean stars. The gorgeous and refined Gong-gil (Lee Joon-ki) plays this 'ambiguous' and 'sexless' role really well, so much so that you don't feel him repulsive or laughable. He is not the typical effeminate type that all other movies would have stereotyped. This is important because the film is not about the king being 'gay', but it's going beyond that.

Other than a rather slow pacing, this multifaceted piece explores issues on love, politics and the simplest of human relationships with its dialogues and intricate details. And yes, before you have the wrong idea, this movie is not about being gay or not. (Though it is probably marketed this way to earn dollars.)

The King and The Clown – This Korean period piece speaks more beyond friendship, beyond love.

Road To Guantanamo


September 2001: Fours Muslims from Britain had embarded to Pakistan for a friend's wedding. When they decided to go to Afghanistan to help the people, they were seen as troops for Bin Ladin and soon found themselves in Guantanamo Bay.

Guantanamo Bay is a US prison camp in Cuba, described by US as the "worse of the worst". They are neither classified as prisoners of war nor given a fair trial. While living conditions are described as 'humane', isolation, sleep deprivation, exposure to hot and cold, bright lights, and loud music were used during interrogations at Guantanamo.

Interspersed with real life interviews with the "Tipton Three", archival footages and reports, this docu-drama strikes every chord to portray this ugly side of the world. Yet, it does not attempt to milk for symphaty or stir feelings of hate, as every part is told in straight forward fashion. It is factual and it's up to the audience to decide how they should feel.

The "Tipton Three" were released last year, the fourth friend still not found. However, there are still engineers, teachers, mental health sufferers – the innocent still kept in this notorious prison.

June 2006 – Three detainees just committed suicide by hanging themselves with their clothes last week. The suicide was described by a US officer as "a good PR move to draw attention".

Road To Guantanamo – A must watch if you care

Interview with Royston


I will be having a radio interview with Singapore's 'bad boy' filmmaker Royston Tan.
Day: 18 Jun 06 (Sun)
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Frequency: FM1003

Feel free to post here if you have any questions to ask Royston. :)

Royston's Shorts


The Asian Film Archive is releasing their second publication - Asian Film Archive Collection: Royston's Shorts. The DVD website is on

The DVD will be officially launched at HMV (Heeren) and Kinokuniya(Takashimaya) on 17 June 2006. There will be a screening of clips from the DVD followed by an autograph session. The first 20 people who purchase the DVD during each launch event will receive limited edition posters of 4:30, the new Royston Tan film. From 10 to 16 June 2006, HMV customers will enjoy a presale discount of $2 off the retail price.

Asian Film Archive Collection: Royston's Shorts showcases the filmmaker's body of short films. From an homage to a soon-to-be demolished kopitiam in Hock Hiap Leong, to a son's tribute to his parents in Sons, they reveal a softer, more personal side of Royston Tan. The DVD features his latest short film, Monkeylove, which was shot in Japan.

Also featured in the DVD is a 25-minute interview with Royston Tan where he discusses some of his short films and stylistic influences.Another highlight is the inclusion of rarely seen films like 4A Florence Close, a film about his family's move from their home at the height of the financial crisis.

This is the second DVD published by the Asian Film Archive. Last year marked the release of Asian Film Archive Collection: Singapore Shorts, a compilation of 9 award-winning short films by filmmakers such as Tan Pin Pin, Wee Li Lin and Bertrand Lee.

Priced at $24.95, Royston Shorts will be available for sale at the following retail outlets: HMV, Kinokuniya (Takashimaya), Gramophone, Sembawang Music Centre and other good music and book stores. Delivery is available through Asian Film Archive Shop.

Proceeds from the sale of the DVD will benefit the Asian Film Archive, a registered charity organization. The Asian Film Archive thanks Royston Tan for his strong support and generous donation of all his short films. The Archive also appreciates the support of Axiom Technologies, fFurious, Infinite Frameworks and Ngee Ann Polytechnic (School of Film and Media Studies) in the making of this DVD.

Details of launch events:

Launch @ HMV Heeren
Date: 17th June 2006
Time: 230pm - 4pm
Place: HMV Heeren, 3rd level (DVD section)

Launch @ Kinokuniya Takashimaya
Date: 17th June 2006
Time: 430pm - 6pm
Place: Kinokuniya Takashimaya

C.R.A.Z.Y (Canadian)


Recently there are many moves on roads; this is one on the road to self-discovery.

This is a tale about a father’s love for his five son, especially Zac who is born on Christmas day. Unfortunately, he is just different. Although it was not explicitly said, Zac lived a life within the closet and found desperate ways to fit in. In the end of the day, it is about accepting who he really is.

My only complain is at 127 minutes, the run time really too long. You may get bored with its pace, but you won’t with its soundtrack. From the sweet 60s, colourful 70s and the changing 80s, this journey does take on unexpected turns.

The official Canadian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2005 Academy Awards, and winning countless awards, C.R.A.Z.Y is not Crazy in any sense, but a bittersweet portrayal of family love and growing up. Why is this movie called C.R.A.Z.Y then? You will know at the end of the movie.

C.R.A.Z.Y – One of the better coming-of-age movies in recent times

Silent Hill


Gamers have been waiting for the movie remake, with the reviewer from First Magazine giving it a rare 5-star rating and turning Crrraazzy.

Some background information: All five Silent Hill video games were released to strong sales and critical acclaim. The movie remake of this survival horror franchise also reached Number 1 in US Box Office.

While the plot and elements of the film are quite faithful to the game, movie critics haven't been too friendly with it. Responses range from "dumber than a bag of coffin nails", "underlighted nightmare" to "the best looking bad film".

While many of the creatures in the movie are also taken from the second and third series of the game, most of the lead characters are original - Sharon the little girl with nightmares on Silent Hill and her mother Rose who wants to look for the root of the problem by bringing her there.

My take: The film makers paid too much detail to the visual aspects, every building, every street and every road. They forget that non-gamers will be still interested in a plot and a clever dialogue.

Overall, a visually exciting film matched with awesome soundtrack. Unfortunately, it ends with cheesy dialogues and a huge anticlimax.

Silent Hill – For gamers, not for moviegoers



Another vehicle is going down Route 66, and going down it is.

RV is a feel-good, family bonding piece that only Robin Wiliams can save. He stars as Bob who drags his family on a RV on a road trip to Colorado. He tells them it is for family vacation, but it's actually for work.

The dysfunctional family who only IMs each other at home naturally resents the plan, but the ride bonds them more than what they can imagine.

While it is occasionally funny and heart warming, the story's predictable and unoriginal. It is really down to one actor to save one entire movie. You never knew Robin Wiliamms can go wrong.

Before I end, make a good guess what does RV stand for:
a) River Valley
b) Road Vehicle
c) Recreational Vehicle
d) Repulsive Vacation

RV –It's hard not to yawn on this trip.



After taking moviegoers magically into the realm of toys, bugs, monsters, fish and superheros, the wizards at Pixar hit the road with an animation set inside the world of cars.

Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson), a rookie race car driver finds himself stranded at an eccentric town of Radiator Springs on Route 66 while traveling to take part in the Piston Cup Championship. Through the characters Sally the Porsche (Bonnie Hunt), Mater the tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy), Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), he learns that there is more to life.

Though the plot may seem familiar (viewers of Michael J Fox's Doc Hollywood will know) and predictable, there really isn't a better time to show this. Face the fact – there is a McQueen in every one in one. We crave for things that may not bring us happiness and we never stopped to look around what's around us. Hopefully, everybody who watches it brings home a lesson – how to be more humble and less self-indulgent.

My favorite characters have to be Mater whose simplicity and honesty grows in you, and the Italian-accented Luigi. You will enjoy this ride.

Be sure to be there early to catch "One Man Band" before the movie. And do not leave before the end of the credits, as there are 'carmeos' you will not want to miss.

Cars - A personable story that scores a win.

Good Night, and Good Luck


George Clooney is one very talented person. Once termed as the sexist person alive, he directed, written and acted in this piece which gathered 6 Academy Nominations. It won none. He laughed that he already got his consolation win for his role in Syriana.

This passionate docu-drama recounts the events leading up to broadcast journalist Edward Murrow (David Strathairn) who decided to stand up against Senator Joseph McCarthy. What you get is a lesson of politics, media freedom and civics. As a trivia, during a screen test, the public thought that the actor playing McCarthy was overacting, not knowing that they were actual stock footages from the 50s.

I can understand why this black and white piece was nominated for Best Picture, as its issues and implications are still very relevant to the political situation today.

However, it was brought in 3 months latter than it was supposed to, without banking on the Oscar fever. With its heavy dialogue, local audience will feel distant. Or was it waiting to make a statement during the political month of May?

It didn't and it won't. Politics and media studies are just too far from the majority. Media freedom? What media freedom?

Good Night, and Good Luck – Powerful and strong piece but unfortunately needs more than good luck



They don't make such horror movies anymore. Horror movies have become somewhat predictable and plot less, making full use of good sound editing and cheap scares.

June is the month for horror movie. After The Nun, The Omen, FrostBiten, Silent Hill, we also have the much awaited Scary Movie 4. (Sorry, that's NOT a horror movie.) But havn't you had enough of screaming girls in the house, screaming girls in the church and screaming girls in the shower?

You know how girls scream at creepy crawlies, and how they go 'Eeekk' or 'Argh' when they see a maggot. Who in the right mind will watch a movie full of slugs and worms? My colleague Yvonne did, but she was forced. I haven't hear what she has to say yet. Serious people will probably hate it.

But this is a must watch B-grade movie. No, it is not even scary, it is very funny. (Not 'scary movie' funny.) A small town is suddenly infected by slugs, and the fun begin when these gross worms start turning everyone into zombies.

Slither can be sick, gross and out of this world – and it doesn't hide the fact because the movie is wickedly intelligent. The screenplay knows what he's doing, and probably very familiar with the horror genre from the 80s. And yes, you still the screaming girl in the bathtub, and that is one crazy scene that girls will hate and guys will laugh over at

Slither - Smart, scary, sluggish gross, sickly funny all at the same time.

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