Doubt (Film)


Doubt, which John Patrick Shanley directed and adapted from his Pulitzer Prize-winning play, is a dialogue-driven showdown between traditional disciplinarian Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), the school's principal, and liberal, progressive priest Father Flynn ( Philip Seymour Hoffman).
She suspects him of having molested the school's only black student. The evidence is inconclusive, but Sister Aloysius' certainty is unshakable.
Meryl Streep's performance of the ice-cold nun with compassion sends thrills down the spine. Stripped of makeup, her piercing eyes and invulnerable speech is definitely Oscar-worthy. Sorry, I love Angelina and Kate too, but please let her win it.
Even Hoffman, one of my favourite actors since Capote, paled in comparison. But he had his moments with his delivered sermons. Watch out for the one when he talked about gossip.
The surprises come from the supporting roles. Amy Adams successfully moved from Enchanted's cutesy Giselle to play this conflicted young nun with much conviction, and Viola Davis as the boy's mother could hold her candle against Streep in her 10 minutes of restrained yet powerful performance.
75 Critics listed this as one of 2008 best movies. I have never watched such an intense movie for a long time that kept me gripping to my seat. Having studied in a Catholic school, I could identify (not much with the issues) with the uptight atmosphere and message sent throughout the movie.
Doubt - Without a doubt, one of my favourite films.

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