Closing The Ring (Film)


3 young men, 2 countries and 1 ring.

The story starts in 1991 with a funeral of a World War II veteran, with the ever reliable Shirley MacLaine and post-Scream Neve Campbell as her daughter. Everybody acts strangely. The movie starts moving back and forth to 1941, and from America to Ireland.

As more characters move into the picture, you wonder how they are all linked.

Closing the Ring may not be the first option of a weekend entertainment movie. In fact, it feels a little soap-operatic at many instances, like a less dramatic Pearl Harbour.

But if you patiently wait for the story to unfold between times and countries, you will slowly appreciate a bittersweet love story.

Old fashioned but touching nevertheless, close this ring if you like war time love stories.

Mama Mia! (Film)


Mama Mia! gives you every reason to laugh.

Meryl Streep as Donna prancing around like a young school girl. 007 Pierce Brosnan sounded like he never been to a karaoke in his life ever, choking every time he needed to sing. Julie Walers, Colin Firth and Christine Baranski add on to the star-studded ensemble which shows that good actors always need singing lessons.

The story of young Sophie in search of her daddy shouldn’t be unfamiliar to many, especially when the musical based on ABBA songs was on stage a few years back.

Critics slammed it. The very idea of ‘serious’ actors breaking out in song and dance sequence of Chiquitita and Voulez-Vous out of the sudden is very, very strange. Chilling.

But just let your hairs down, sing along and enjoy the cheesy acting. And look out for ABBA’s Benny Andersson’s cameo as a piano player.

Singaporean audience actually clapped at the end (would call for encore if we could). Thank You not for the movie, but for the Music.

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