The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D


2 things strike you once you see the title of the movie. Firstly, it sounds silly. Do not worry, it is really silly. And the movie is in 3D.

Before you catch Robert Rodriguez's work (Spy Kids and Sin City), you have to wear a 3D red and blue cardboard glasses. It was refreshing to me to watch pop up images from the screen at the start.

However, once you get stuff like Shark Boy, Lava Girl, fighting the bad guys Mr Electric and Minus on Planet Drool, traveling on the Train of Thought, you know you are in for some senseless story. It doesn’t help that Mr Electric cracks lame jokes “Watts up?” and “Have you hertz…?”

After a while, you just get tired of watching through cardbox at greyish images. Help! Somebody help!

The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Boy in 3D – For kids 12 and below. Glasses included.



3 reasons why you would want to catch Bewitched
1) Nicole Kidman
2) Nicole Kidman’s wriggling nose
3) Nicole Kidman’s costumes

Perhaps it was because it was Nicole Kidman, you would expect more. For any successful movie, what you need is really more than a credible director, and box office selling cast, you need good script writers, which unfortunately are not present here.

Perhaps it was Will Ferrell who supposedly was acting as a charming actor, who wants to revive his career with “Bewitched”. In the movie, he is a loser and the audiences just do not like his no matter how hard he makes them laugh. Do I see a parallel with reality here?

Bewitched – Magical, it isn’t

The Maid


I admit I was skeptical before watching the show. A Singaporean horror movie about a Fillipino maid? Hmm….

Rosa (Alessandra De Rossi) arrives in Singapore on the first day of the Seventh Month to work as a domestic maid. Her employers, acted by veterans Chen Shu Cheng and Hong Hui Fang, look pale and haunting. The starting was kind of lame, as though I had seen some scenes somewhere else like Ju-On.

However, as Hong Hui Fang started sprouting chants in Teochew, the scary moments start to seep in. Those of you who often share ghost stories with friends, would find some of the scenarios familiar and creepy. The seven month wayang shows, the old lady who sells newspapers at the bus stop, the school children knocked down by the car…. *Shudder*. Borrowing a line from STB, this movie is “Uniquely Singapore”.

Kevin Tong does not disappoint. The eyes of the 3 main leads tell a lot of stories. Look out for newcomer Benny Soh. For every good ghost story, there must be a twist, and it has a well written one indeed.

The Maid – Uniquely Singapore Ghost Story.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


3 reasons why I wanted to catch the show.
1) I gave this Ronald Dahl’s book an A for my P6 book review.
2) Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.
3) Freddie Highmore. Loved him after Finding Neverland (No, not the Michael Jackson kind of love).

Johnny Depp is creepy as Willy Wonda, a mysterious man who kept his chocolate factory out of bounds for 15 years. One day Willy Wonka makes a momentous announcement. He will open his famous factory to five lucky children who find golden tickets in his chocolate bars.

Much of the backdrop in the chocolate factory, such the chocolate river, marshmallow plants and squirrel room was not CG animation. This added to the authenticity of the story.

Is this a children’s or adult movie? A bit of both. At certain parts, you feel it’s pointless like the Oompa Loompa dancing aka Austin Powers. Still, it’s magical, crazy and zany. Kind of felt that Michael Jackson would have made an interesting Willy Wonka.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – Sweet and delicious, but doesn’t really melt in your heart.

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