Wait 'til You're Older 童梦奇缘


Perhaps you are like me - Not particularly an Andy Lau fan or looking forward to another Hong Kong movie. The storyline seemed cliché, about a boy who grew up suddenly after taking a portion. However, at the end of the movie, it got me messaging my friends, "Hey, go watch the Andy Lau show."

Xiao Guang (a very cute boy with lovely eyes) was unhappy with his family (father Felix Wong and stepmother Karen Mok). Constantly running away from home, he blamed them for his mother's death. He wished he could grow up so that he could get the freedom he wanted. He did, after accidentally tainting with some portion.

Enters Andy Lau, a 20-something with a child's mind. He craved for love with his form teacher. Unfortunately, he grew up too fast for his own good.

The front was slow and predictable. Towards the end, there were twists, and emotional acting by all the 3 main leads. Talks on treasuring time, love and family left me an internal turmoil. Simple, moving, and something I can really identity with. After "Tempting Heart", no other Hong Kong movie could attempt to leave me with a tear in the eye.

Wait til You're Older – Life is really too short. Treasure what you have.

Night Watch


This was my choice of a midnight movie when I am left with no choice. Every cinema was showing the Myth. Frankly speaking, I did not know what to expect.

Oh, it was in English. No, it was Russian. There were warriors. There were bats. Battles between the light and dark – it's about vampires.

It was a fresh change from all the Hollywood stuff I have been watching. Highly experimental, rasping, and bewildering. (What are you trying to prove??) I felt I was involved in the director's indulgent game at times, while there were moments of anticipation and excitement.

Night Watch was Russia's Number one blockbuster. I admire the production and editing effects. I know what they are getting at, but the grip was missing. Perhaps I should wait for parts 2 and 3 (It's a trilogy with "Day Watch" and "Dusk Watch") or the Hollywood remark.

Night Watch – Post modernist vampire show

Dukes Of Hazzard


Lets welcome the stars of Hazzard: The dukes (Seann William Scott and Johnny Knowxville), their ridiculously gorgeous cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson), Boss Hogg (Burt Renolds) and the orange car.

Did I say Jessica Simpson?

Now, you would know what kind of movie you to expect. Something about the dukes trying to save Hazzard Country from Boss Hogg who intends to turn it into a strip mine. Isn't it a racing show about the orange car? (No, it's actually about Jessica Simpson). Not that the storyline was important in the first place.

This is what I call popcorn entertainment - light and fluffy with occasional delights. Say Dumb and Dumber meets Wedding Crashes. This mediocre piece reached Number 1 in US Box Office. How did it do it? Must be Jessica Simpson.

Dukes of Hazzard – Hazzardous

The Myth


A Jackie Chan movie formula = martial arts + comic effect + exotic scenery + sidekick + gorgeous female costars.

The Myth follows the adventures of archaeologist Jack (Jackie Chan) who has strange dreams about the Qin era with Princess Ok-soo (Kim Hee-Seon).

I was indeed captivated by the cinematography and the vast beauty of Gansu and South India. In fact, my interest ended after the story left India. India's Mallika Sherawat managed to sustain focus with her sensuality, sex appeal and saris. Unfortunately, her screen time was too short.

Still Kim Hee-Seon (being really very beautiful) could not escape the fate of being just a 'vase'. Kim, whether happy, sad, in love, angry probably looked the same as the portrait in the movie.

Welcome back Tony Leung as the side kick. Doesn't have much personality in the movie either. What's left? Yes, the martial arts which was overplayed towards the end.

I did love this time traveling epic at the start, till the ending. Qin Shi Huang would be turning in his grave.

The Myth = martial arts - comic effect + exotic scenery + gorgeous female costars + bad storyline.

Red Eye


I must confess. I am a Wes Craven fan, and I grew up watching Nightmare on Elm Street. (Don’t worry, there was nothing wrong with me.) His last film on werewolves was really disappointing and absurd.

With Red Eye, he tries something different – a suspense thriller. Lisa (Rachel McAdams) finds out that the charming man Jackson (Cillian Murphy), sitting next to her in the plane plots to kill a VIP staying in her hotel. Otherwise, his father will be killed.

Half the film is on the plane, the next half at Lisa’s house. Replace Jason from Friday the 13th with Jackson. Craven is best at filming girls running up and down the staircases, closing and opening doors. Scream - We have watched enough.

Yet another B grade movie with relative unknowns. The acting is quite credible though. Fast paced, intense, but pretty forgettable.

Red Eye – Better than the last one, but I expected more.

The Longest Yard


I hated the trailer. I told myself I won’t watch this movie because it’s Chris Rock and football. But I seem to be a sucker for Adam Sandler’s movies. Must be the goofy appeal.

And hey, the movie is not so bad after all. Sandler player an ex-football star who got sent to prison for drunk driving. The prison warden wants him to lead the prisoners against the guards for a football batch. To the ragtag inmates, this is the chance they've been waiting for – revenge.

Predictable ending to the match. But there are surprising elements and humour. Chris Rock is more likeable here than Madagascar’s zebra.

Being totally clueless about football, I still found the match exciting. But the only star here seems to be Sandler. What happened to the rest of the players?

The Longest Yard – Should be a crowd pleaser, but a tad too predictable.

As It Is In Heaven


A beautiful ode to music and love directed by Kay Pollak. This Swedish film is probably the least known Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, probably because the similar themed Les Choristes was more prominent.

A successful international conductor suddenly interrupts his career and returns alone to his childhood village in Sweden. He becomes the advisor to the church choir. The choir develops and grows. He makes both friends and enemies. And he finds love.

Being an ex-choir boy, this is a must watch. I expected lots of choral singing and typical songs, but I got something different. Stay till the end to find out – lets you feel there’s a different dimension to choral singing all together. The solo of Gabriella was very touching that I almost wanted to clap.

This is a piece on life, time and religion as well. Many quotable quotes. Though something was missing, the emotional elements seemed to be cut before it was milked to the fullest. Perhaps it was intentional. A pity.

As It Is In Heaven – Hear It, Feel It.

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