Divergence (Hong Kong)


The story about the cop, lawyer and assassin. Their paths intertwined and divergence emerged.

Of the 4 heavenly kings, I always feel that Aaron Kwok was the most underrated. He gives an intense performance as cop searching for his lost love acted Li Sin Jie. Daniel Wu is the assassin who kills a witness protected by Aaron Kwok. Ekin Cheng is the lawyer who defends crooks, including assassins.

With twists and turns of events, the movie may be confusing to some. The ending was not clear, but maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

After a slump of Hong Kong movies a few years ago, it is gratifying to see them producing what they are good at – detective action dramas. Though you catch glimpses of Infernal Affairs here, especially at the end, this is still a noteworthy effort.

Divergence – Infernal Affairs meets Storm Raiders



Damian Cunninham (Alex Etel), a 7 year old child, talks to saints and sees his dead mother. No, this is not sixth sense.

It’s a feel-good British comedy, though not entirely meant for kids. It’s a reflection of the adult world, I feel.

A bag of pounds drops from the sky on Damian’s box house, or so he thought. He wants to donate the money to the poor; His brother just wants to spend it and buy a big mansion. However, they have to spend the pounds before the currency gets converted to Euro.

There is something about child actors, and how they are able to melt your heart. Not everybody can appreciate British humour, but if you do, you will enjoy millions for every of it’s 265,000 pounds. (Seems like shows with the word ‘Millions’ in it always get favourable reviews.)

Millions - A movie from the sky, a pleasant surprise.

The Interpreter


Somehow if you put Sydney Pollack, Nicole Kidman, and Sean Penn together, you can’t go wrong right? Sean Penn who was quiet for a long time, is everywhere now ie Nixon, Interpreter and Team America. (The last one is not considered?)

Kidman plays a UN interpreter Silvia Broome. She overhears something she should not hear, and realises her life is in great danger. Tobin Keller (Sean Penn), the federal agent sent to protect the interpreter, does not trust her.

Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman is an interesting combination, not the best, but at least both give noteworthy performances. Though Kidman’s grasp of accent is not the best, you just love her more because you know it is not easy.

My only complain about the show is that the editing should be faster paced, and it is 15 minutes too long. I admit I expected a lot more. However, you will still love the suspense, the beauty, the trill and Kidman.

The Interpreter – Slow, but smart and beautiful.

Infection (Japanese)


Infection comes from the producers of The Ring and Ju-On. Another horror show. Any better? Will it be a failed trilogy like The Eye? Is it another comedy? (I did think that Ju-On was funny.)

The answer is No. Good.

Infection, set in a hospital, creates very good suspense at the first half of the show. It’s the waiting for something to happen which is more scary that what actually happens. Get the clue?

A doctor’s negligence causes a patient to die and the panicked hospital staff decides to cover up the fatal mistake, setting off a deadly chain of events. Paramedics bring a new patient into the hospital who has been stricken with a virus that his internal organs have mysteriously disintegrated. (Ooo… sounds gross.)

But at least, it has a plot. Wah! When was the last time you watched a horror movie which bothers about its story?

Infection – The Japanese are still best at these infectious, scary stuffs. (Minus half for some “Duh” parts as usual.)



Kate (Franka Potente of Run Lola Run fame) doesn’t stop running. Locked in a subway station after she missed the last train, she had to find her way out, if she could.

Different setting, but the same story. Instead of some haunted mansion, you get an underground tunnel.

Half the movie is spent scolding the protagonist. 4'S's to describe her.
Kate gets onto another train with nobody on it. "Stupid!"
Kate screams and screams. "Shut up!!"
Kate runs into the wrong tunnel. "Salah!!!"
Kate runs and runs… into the bogeyman. "Sotong!!!!"

Creep scores zero on plot, you know the ending. If you enjoy slasher flicks like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, you will like this morbid piece. It did get my heart racing at the start. (I emphasize, at the start.)

Creep – Taking the MRT may never be the same again.



Indiana Jones meets National Treasure – Welcome to Sahara (not to be confused with Samara).

Dirk (Matthew McConaughey) finds a gold coin which may lead him to the ‘Ship of Death’ bearing hidden treasures. Penelope Cruz (ie vase) plays a doctor (???) finding out the cause of deaths in a village. Deaths are related right? Therefore the deaths have something to do with the ‘Ship of Death’. Together, they uncover the truth with the side kick (Steven Zahn), also a comic relief.

Hollywood stars just love falling in love with their co-leads. Hugh Grant was supposed to play Dirk, so Penelope might have given Tom up for Hugh. (How interesting.) McConaughey’s normal, so the role can’t bring him up to an A list. Penelope’s acting herself – A bimbo. Zahn provides the rest of the fun.

Sahara has lots of adventures and trills. Entertaining enough for a weekend movie. Do not expect anything much though.

Sahara – Worth visiting, but not as hot as it should be.



*Ring Ring* Watch the video tape, pick up the phone, and the victim will die after 7 days. Hideo Nakata's Ring in 1998 started a whole chain of horror movies. Can the Hollywood version match up?

A continuation of Ring 1: Rachael (Naomi Watts) brings her son Aiden (David Dorfman) to a small town, thinking they will be safe from Samara. A teenager was found dead in front of his TV. As Samara attempts to find her way back through Aiden, he falls very sick.

*Surprise. Surprise* The surprise is… there is no surprise, other than the fact that the story continues without the videotape and phonecall. (The Ring with no ring.) Did somebody mix this story up with Dark Waters?

While Naomi Watts is as usual, it was the child actor who stole the show. It was a griping drama, complete with fantastic sound effects. I was waiting for something to happen, nothing did. . For the first time I watch a horror movie, nobody screams and nobody laughs (like Ju-on).

Samara- Samara falls into a bottomless well. The original is always best.

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