Perhaps Love 如果.爱

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Isn’t it about time that Hong Kong comes up with a full-length feature musical? Especially after the industry picks up and Snow Wolf Lake has left its mark internationally.

Never exclude Jacky Cheung (Chinese pop’s Song God) from a Chinese musical. Though his is only the 2nd lead, his presence and singing prowess lent weight to an otherwise fluffy storyline. A movie-within-a-movie? A love triangle? Probably been-there-done-that, but the grasp of a musical should be in its music.

Let’s not forget Takeshi Kaneshiro, whose soulful eyes melt ‘obasans’ in Japan to young girls in Singapore. He was never better, especially when he cried underwater. Please land some credit to Peter Chan and Chris Dole for the lovely directing and cinematography.

Zhou Xun had the Vicki Zhou defiance look and demure sweetness appropriate to play this role. But she can’t sing. Korean Ji Jin-Hee works hard to sing a Chinese song. He can’t sing either. His role as a walking muse seem rather redundant.

Frankly, I thought overall it was just ok. There were moments of cringing and hair rising. Jacky sounded more Phantom than Jacky. That single eye tear dropped from Takeshi a plenty. Nevertheless, some memorable songs out there, credible first time effort and lots of admirable for Peter Chan for being so ambitious.

Perhaps Love - Almost There

2 Responses to “Perhaps Love 如果.爱”

  1. Anonymous Come What May 

    If you do not expect a Moulin Rouge or Chicago, it's actually not bad. Though I thought that the ending was quite sad.

  2. Anonymous dawn 

    really, it shocks me that so many people choose to compare perhaps love with moulin rouge. halfway into watching perhaps love, my sudden reaction was, This is Not a Musical! and peter chan said so himself during one interview i saw on tv afterwards..
    .. it really annoys me that most of the reviews i read do the movie such injustice.

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