Vacancy (Film)

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Director: Nimrod Antal
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson
RunTime: 85 mins

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Rating: NC-16 (Brief Nudity and Coarse Language)

Dear David and Amy,

Both of you probably haven’t watched any horror movies in your life. You need to watch more slasher flicks together, rather than bickering and quarreling which led to your divorce.

Lesson Number 1: Never, never ever take the short cut when you are traveling on a dark lonely lane. Not when you can't read maps.

Lesson Number 2: DON’T stay in a low-budget motel when you are the only visitors there, especially when creepy manager has screams coming out from his room.

Lesson Number 2: What i***ts! When the phone is ringing at the middle of the night, don’t pick it up! Huh? If the door next door is banging hard, you do not go and say “Hello?!” What is wrong with the both of you?

It took you so long to realize that the snuff film in your hotel room is filmed in your various own room. If cockroaches do not scare you, blood and gore will. Argh! Run, quick, run! Don’t hide in your room!

I wish you all the luck. Hopefully you can escape your ‘vacant’ hotel room.

Vacancy – A suspenseful B-grade horror with a A- cast and B grade

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