Sho-U Clarke Quay (Food)

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Having a dining experience at the much talked about Sho-U restaurant is where going there is no longer just about eating anymore. The words ‘aesthetics’, ‘arty’, and ‘pretty’ can be used to describe every aspect of this modern Japanese dining restaurant found in Central Mall, Clarke Quay.

The rose red exterior, along with pink sakura flowers on the wall, could very well be a piece of installation art itself. As you walk further in, the red is divided into black and white compartments which made you feel you were entering a masterpiece of interior design, inspired by a Japanese kabuki theatre. Taking a seat at the white ‘lover’s cove’, the view of Clarke Quay by the night is magical, suitable for that special moment.

Even the uniforms of the serving staff are designed by an award winning designer. The attire, also in full black or white, was probably a combination of Japanese-meets-Chinese, traditional-meets-contemporary get-up. The staff were extremely polite, to the point of being too careful. Empty plates were cleared and cups of green tea were refilled almost immediately. Can I say that most of the waitresses (and even waiters) are very pretty as well?

Without a doubt, every food item served was also aesthetically pleasing.

The food itself is not your typical Japanese fare of dons and ramen, but a fusion of several tastes. To prove my point , some of their specialties include the Chawanmushi Trio ($15) – Steamed egg custard with 3 kinds of ingredients served in shot glasses, Ika Onsen Tempura ($12) – Squid rings stuffed with a delicate half boiled egg and seafood fried with tempura flour, Unagi Tofu Steak ($16) – Combination of river eel and silken tofu in teriyaki sauce with grated yam, and Parmesan Baked Hotate ($12).

I ordered the Kinoko Tsukemen ($12) – Green tea noodles in a hot and thick mushroom broth, and Golden Pillow ($12) – sweet beancurd stuffed with noodles, mushroom and fish cake, and some sushi and fried tofu.

Perhaps it was my liking for food with strong taste, but most of the dishes here can be too light for your preference. Nothing was too sweet, salty or spicy. Therefore, the savour was more like a ‘touch and go’ and did not leave too much of an impression or a kick. However, it would please those who enjoy a healthy (light) and attractive treat.

For a final touch, you can opt for the Chef Plate of Specialty Desserts ($15), a combination of three desserts which differ from time to time. The pudding, tofu cheese cake and ice cream infused with alcohol were a treat for both the eyes and the tongue. The texture was soft which trickle down your throat, and taste delightfully delicate.

From the colours of the wall, flowers that decorate the interior, uniforms of the serving staff, menu design, to the food served, it stays true to the Japanese art of understated perfection and beauty.
Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 4.25/5

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