Match Point

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"I'd rather be lucky than good".

Have you been lucky all your life? I confess to be one who is giving everyone the luck (people get my numbers to strike 4D) and I have never won anything about $10 before. However, I am highly satisfied with my life, because everything seem to fall into the right places at the right time. Is this luck?

In a tennis match, with a little luck the ball goes forward and you win…or maybe it doesn't, and you lose. This is not a movie about tennis, but life, seduction, desperation and of course, luck.

I never watched enough Woody Allen movies, but this one is really cleverly done. Although the storyline sounds familiar, (Poor guy marries into rich family and has an affair with his brother-in-law's fiancee.) its treatment is otherwise real, dark, cynical yet charming.

Match that with a good looking cast including Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bend It Like Beckham) and Scarlett Johansoon (Lost In Translation). Something's lacking in Match Point, perhaps it is the slow pacing at the middle, or keeping us somewhat lost somehow... I really love this movie's ending, although I don't really approve of it. The movie's a mockery on life, and who says life isn't a mockery anyway?

Match Point - Allen's Best Piece Yet.

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