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I went to the Proof thinking "Great Expectations", and therefore the great expectations. Reviews have been pretty mixed. Gwyneth Paltrow, who won an Oscar for Shakespeare in in Love (though Cate Blanchett deserved it better) was again nominated for Best Actress for the Golden Globe. Others slammed Gwyneth for not being able to manage the complexity of the Mathematical Genius.

I frankly thought this was one of her better performances, and was more convincing than Jake Gyllenhaal as a Mathematical lecturer. The casting for spot-on for Hope Davis as the fearful sister and Anthony Hopkin the brilliant but crazy father. Hopkins, besides being really hysterical, looks like he doubled his size. (On purpose or really a sign of bad diet?)

Proof is a poignant drama based on David Auburn's Pulitzer prize winning play. My main problem with this film is that what's good on stage may not work in cinema. While dialogues were intense, still shots and slow editing doesn't seem that appropriate for the big screen. Some of the intended suspense was lost, and much could be felt more for the characters.

Proof – A winning formula wrongly applied

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