Exiled 放逐

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Director: Johnny To
Cast: Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung, Richie Jen, Josie Ho, Simon Yam, Lam KaTung
RunTime: 100 mins
Genre: Hong Kong Triad Action
Rating: M18 (Some violence & sexual scenes)
Will Appeal To: Die Hard fans of movies like Infernal Affairs and Election

(Review contributed by Vonjie.)

What its thin plot fails to impress it makes up with somewhat artistic orchestration. I hardly watch Hong Kong movies on big screen, maybe that’s why I started noticing the mists of blood radiating in slow-mo, and the chinking of the shells as they hit the ground, meticulously post-produced at the end of each gunshot in the dark. Or maybe the movie was just a little slow despite the action.

Part of the reason I was keen to watch this was its Macau setting (and the fact that I got complimentary ticket, thanks!). It was peppered with prettily framed shots of woman in European / Portuguese styled window and dramatic lighting within. I also recognize the colonial buildings, cobbled streets and even the shop interiors from a trip years back.

As my movie companions rightly pointed out, the movie stars almost every reputable Hong Kong gangster actor, including the veterans Simon Yam, Anthony Wong, award winning Francis Ng, Roy Cheung (Infernal Affairs) and Lam Suet (PTU). Definitely one for the die-hards.

BanBan says: Beautiful movie with little substance. Slow moving with thin plot. Strong cinematory with predictable settings. A movie to catch all your favourite gangster actors, including a Jonathan Leong (Singapore Idol runner-up) lookalike.

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