The Illusionist

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Director: Neil Burger
Starring: Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel, Rufus Sewell
RunTime: 109 mins
Genre: Drama / Magic
Rating: PG

Somehow we seem to have forgotten how important timing can be to a success for a film. The Illusionist, in many ways similar to The Prestige, just picked a wrong time to be released here.

Fans of magic and thrillers were treated to Prestige by Huge Grant a few months back. Although reviews have been generally positive, the peculiar and somewhat predictable ending marred some of the initial build-up.

The Illusionist is in many ways similar. Edward Norton plays a magician in Europe during the old 20th century. His special trick was to make things disappear and appear. While he can do almost everything, he cannot keep his love Sophie (Jessica Biel) as they are separated by wealth and status.

I will not say much in order not to spoil your viewing pleasure. The whole piece was a more direct, intense piece of mystery thriller, without the complications and problems with logicality that Prestige may have. However, its box office may suffer a slight setback due to a precedence of similar themed movies and the influx of Academy-type films.

Although I half-suspected the type of ending, I still thought it was quite a smart one. It definitely leaves up to expectation and its catchphrase "Nothing is what it seems".

The Illusionist – Magical and mysterious. It's better than what it seems.

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