Little Children

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Director: Todd Field
Cast: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, Patrick Wilson
RunTime: 130 mins
Genre: Drama
Rating: M18 (Some Sexual Content)

After Babel and Bobby, Little Children is the next Golden Globe nominated piece that deals with a multi-narrative plot. It is set around a bland suburban setting with housewives making judgements – Desperate Housewives it is not.

Human beings are imperfect. They find consolation and yet conflict in one another, ending and resolving in a final 'crash'. (Which other movie have we seen this before?) The four people involved – a feminist mother making out with a househusband, and an imperfect policeman harrassing for the sex offender.

It can be disturbing that what I remember of Little Children was the love making scene of Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson and the narrator. Kate Winslet (appearing almost naked in every film) is compelling during these scenes, as she shows her vulnerability, guilt and yet the willingness to break free. Patrick Wilson, after being a psycho in Hard Candy, provides adequate eye candy for female fans.

The movie is carried through with probably one of the best narration I ever heard, the lines witty and thought provoking. Like the suburban setting, it is uncomfortably slow paced for a purpose, for you to feel and acquire. Unfortunately, the movie scatters in the 2nd half, spreading itself thin dealing with several flawed characters.

With a lesson dealing with humanity: We see others as imperfect, but how have we seen ourselves?

Little Children – An imperfect movie about imperfection

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