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Director: Antoine Fuqua
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Danny Glover, Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Elias Koteas
RunTime: 124 mins
Genre: Action/ Adventure
Rating: NC16 (Violence)

Shooter is a 'for-him' movie, purely for entertainment. It's all about guns, explosions and conspiracies. Bang Bang.

In this action packed thriller, Mark Wahlberg plays a sniper who leaves the military after the last mission killed his best partner. He is asked back to service to prevent the assassination of the US president. There is more than meets the eye, and he is double crossed once again.

There are numerous action movies involving politics and gunfire. Assassinating the president is nothing new in cinema (Do so many people want him dead?). Add that to a supermarket list of cars blowing, houses blowing, heads blowing, buildings blowing, and a gorgeous female lead (with lot of skin), you can buy out your perfect Hollywood entertainment.

Despite being over 2 hours, there is non-stop adrenalin rush, and every shoot and explosion gets bigger and climatic along the way. So reminiscent of Die Hard. Imagine a better looking Bruce Willis walking in extreme slow motion with the American flag waving behind.

Mark Wahlberg went from underwear model, to a respected actor in The Departed, and now male lead of this US Number 1 movie. Make that three No 1s in a row. Never mind the lack of an intelligent plot, ridiculous ending, and what some critics say, this is what the masses enjoy.

There may not be too many plot twists to test your intellect though. With just plenty of heads being blown up, Shooter is one of those movies that you can safely park your brain away to enjoy.

Shooter - For Him Movie

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