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Director: Zack Synder
Cast: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham and Dominic West
RunTime: 117 mins
Genre: Action / War / Adventure
Rating: M18 (Battle Violence)

A visual spectacle! A graphic adaptation! A male movie! This is SPARTA!

There are probably 300 reasons why you should watch 300. Based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, it is loosely based on the Battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartans fought against the Persians. The odds are against them: A million to 300. Yet the strength, courage, determination and intelligence of the Spartans proved that in war, it isn't always about numbers.

300 will appeal to many. Comic fans should be blown away by the stylish cinematic visual effects, seen previously in Sin City. It stays true to the novel, matched picture by picture. A background of desaturated with high contrast tones of red, visuals filmed almost completely on blue screen, gave a surreal yet bloody look. Look out for a sensual scene between King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and Queen (Lena Headey), a combination of cartoon-meets-sex.

Its 'epicness' has been compared to the likes of Troy and Lord of the Ring. While perhaps so in magnitude and special effects, it could have been lacking in terms of the story element and a slightly weak screenplay.

People may also find 300 reasons to hate it. The female audience may find 300 to be a violent exhibition with mutilated body parts and chopped hairs. Like a period Saw or Hostel, it may be seen as a display of 'meal market', sadistic and overly-exaggerated.

Before you dismiss it as being unbelievable, the battle did take place in 400 BC with 300 Spartans and 700 Thespian volunteers. The 300 warriors were in fact made up of 150 pairs of 'male-lovers', the king believing that they would fight harder for survival with their loved ones right beside them. This aspect was hinted throughout the film, from a pair of 'male-friends', the androgynous Persian King, and the queen's sacrifice towards the end.

The female's role in the movie was really quite minimal, especially when the film is marred by the queen's lack of acting classes. It can be said as a 'male movie'– which will appeal from the young teenager who loves comic fares and the older men who craves for action, blood, and aggression.

In fact, this movie will inspire me to hit the gym harder right now for that 8 pec abs – This is SPARTA!

300 - A visual spectacle! A graphic adapation! A male movie!

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