Bridge To Terabithia

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If Pan's Labyrinth is fairytale on the dark side, then Bridge to Terabithia is the opposite. Comparing it to The Chronicles of Narnia would be quite unfair too, though it was pitched that way to get publicity.

While I would forsee most with skeptic minds and pampered by Hollywood effects to hate this 'goody-goody' movie, isn't this what we have all lost? A simple and uncomplicated childhood.

The movie would be completely lost on many. It is not a children's movie, but one dealing with themes of love, family, growing up, loss, self worth and religion (Lead Jess doesn't know whether to believe in God.)

I love movies with many quotable quotes. Especially when the unusually strong teacher Mrs Myer breaks down in front of her student "Everybody tells me to cry and then to move on after he left. They don't understand. I can't move on. He is already in my heart."

In this real world, we have lost sight of Terabithia, when fathers force sons to grow up, and reality makes you lose your dreams.

But perhaps Terabithia is somewhere buried in your heart.

Bridge to Terabithia - A bridge to feel your lost childhood

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