Spider Lilies

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Director: Zero Chou
Cast: Isabella Leong, Rainie Yang, Shen Jian-Hung, Kris Shie, Shih Yuen-Chieh
RunTime: 94 mins
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: R21 (Some Homosexual Content)

I admit that I had a crush on Rainie Yang when I first saw her as the Xiao You in F4’s Meteor Garden. You can imagine my ecstasy when the first autograph session I hosted was for her (!!). She wasn’t like what she portrayed in television, probably a lot more mature and strong.

Isabella Leong started her career as a schoolgirl who talks to bugs, only getting more recognition with her portrayal in Isabella. Thus, when two supposedly cutesy girls from different countries come together for some lesbian action, it would generate lots of publicity and attention.

While the attention was on their homo-exotic scene and Rainie acting as a webcam showgirl, Spider Lilies was about tattoos, lost memories and longing.

The other Taiwanese gay movie Eternal Summer was tighter in storyline and explored the theme of human relationships a lot further. Spider Lilies probably had too many characters and loose ends. The constant flashbacks slowed the pace a lot and did not elevate the movie further.

There were still touching moments, and with most Taiwanese movies, beautiful scenery and lines which would mean more before translation.

And yes, Rainie Yang and Isabella proved that they are more than just cutie pies, but credible actresses like flowers not fully bloomed.

Spider Lilies – Watch not for the wrong reasons

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