881 (Film)

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Director: Royston Tan
Cast: Mindee Ong, Yeo Yann Yann, Qi Yu Wu, Liu Ling Ling, May and Choy
RunTime: 110 mins
Genre: Musical
Rating: PG

Singapore’s 'bad boy' filmmaker Royston Tan just loves number, from 15, 4:30 and now the Getai (Chinese 7th month stage show) inspired 881.

Here are 8 reasons to watch and 1 reason not to watch 881:
1. 1st musical movie from Singapore, filmed on a $1 million dollar budget with $100,000 spent on its elaborate costumes inspired from Japanese geishas to Thai princesses.
2. Two Singaporean (by right, one Malaysian) Papayas Yeo Yann Yann and Mindee Ong, very underrated by local audience, but able to act, dance, sing and cry like a turn of a tap.
3. Third full length feature by talented Royston Tan. We should support local talents, right?
4. Four other cast including Getai veteran Liu Ling Ling, the very silent Qi Yu Wu (the male version of a vase)and VJs May and Choy who brings the most laughs with their ridiculous pronunciation of ang-moh accented Mandarin and Hokkien. Nothing can be funnier than their tribute to Madonna, durian-boobs style.
5. Five star rating from several film critics like First magazine. They can’t be wrong, can they?
6. Sixth family member which is Qi Yu Wu’s cock. Don’t think dirty! Everybody appreciates a little bit of Hokkien cock jokes.
7. Seventh month getai razzle-dazzle of entertainment, song and dance.
8. You will get more than 8 songs from familiar Hokkien tunes, to new compositions by Eric Huang and Xiao Han. The tune of “One Man One Half” has been in my head ever since.

And that 1 reason would be the lack of emotional depth. The film somewhat reminded me of Royston’s Cut, full of dance sequences, crowd, costume changes, and funny music which is more stylish than intense.

881 - 一人一半, 感情不散

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