December Boys (Film)

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(Special Thanks to Patrick who just knows I am too busy to write anything these few weeks.)

December boys is a film on teenage angst and adolescents' search for love. Filmed with much passion, the film centres on four orphans, whose hopes for adoption diminished by the day as they age. The film allows the audience to see the world through the eyes of the orphans and depicts their lives as one of a transient nature. While the orphans have always tried to find a fatherly figure to look up to, they often also relish in the delight of sheer independence away from domestic rules and family discipline, finding true joy in the wonders of nature.

It's fortunate that Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) took on the role as Maps since it fits him perfectly. As the eldest of the four orphans, he has almost lost all hopes of being adopted. While he doesn't indulge in the idea of adoption, he is still looking for love. And his search for love has resulted in the friendship forged between himself and Lucy (Teresa Palmer), the daughter of a parent who wants to adopt a boy for their family, which goes deeper as the days pass. Soon, they were in love, before a drastic change in Lucy's life forced Maps to confront the actual situation in his life. While this is unfolding, the other three orphans are also vying for adoption by Lucy's parents.

As the film progresses, the conflict occuring among and within the orphans began to intensify. And soon, all four orphans are forced to face their destinies in life. Torn between their longing for doting parents and their friendship to one another, the orphans have to make a decisive choice. This is where the film becomes interesting as their friendships are tested.

While the audience might expect Daniel Radcliffe to be in the limelight, it's encouraging to see other young actors sharing the limelight as well. Especially noteworthy is Lee Cormie as Misty, one of the orphans whose acting prowess far surpasses Daniel Radcliffe at times. He is indeed one potential young actor whom we might be seeing more of. Hopefully, he will be able to receive the same recognition as child actor Dakota Fanning ("Man on Fire", "War of the World", "I am Sam") in the years ahead.

In a light-hearted manner, December boys reminds us of our teenage days gone by, of our need to belong and the anticipation of romance. It also speaks of deep friendships forged between close friends and how sometimes, this friendship is worth retaining and fighting for. In a world where technology has, at times, made things impersonal and cold, December Boys will provide a comforting touch as a reminder that in the absence of technology, when we are bathed in the embrace of nature, love can still be found in friendships and when one is one with nature.

December Boys - A Comforting Touch

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