Sicko (Film)

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Director: Michael Moore
Cast: Michael Moore
Runtime: 2 hrs
Genre: Documentary
Rating: PG

I often hear some old people say they would rather die than get sick. Not because they cannot take the sufferings, but due to the escalating medical bills. It can be rather devastating to have a life time of savings wiped out due to an illness or major operation.

Imagine this: After losing two of your fingers in a work accident, you would have thought your health insurance could have covered something. One finger cost US$60,000, and the other US$12,000, which finger would you save? One? Both? Or cannot afford any?

One of America’s most daring filmmakers Michael Moore went from gun violence (Bowling for Columbine) to President George W. Bush (Fahrenheit 9/11) to criticize the health care system in this documentary Sicko. In the light of escalating medical cost, exploiting pharmaceutical companies, and unethical insurance companies, this movie is timely in sounding out what the Americas want to vent.

How would you feel when you saw a baby girl die and a family broken up because the different hospitals refused to accept her mother’s health insurance? The result was a mixture of sadness, desperation, anger and empathy.

Although criticized to be unrealistic and inaccurate, this controversial piece was necessary to tell the stories of the common people. Whether to believe it or not is up to the discerning audience.

I suspect that Sicko would not appeal too much to Singaporeans, because these are stories we may not relate to, we have an acceptable healthcare system, or that we are just too 'well' to care much for the sick.

Sicko – Controversial but necessary

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