Accurary of Death 死神の精度 (Film)

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The Grim Reaper seldom comes in the form of a suave and charming Takeshi Kaneshiro. He plays Chiba the 'God of Death’ who observes people for seven days, and his job is to place judgment on whether the person should die.

This symbol of death is effortlessly styled with Gatsby model type hair, dressed in black coat holding an umbrella. His loyal dog unfortunately is the drenched one and speaks in the unspoken Manga language. The story spans from 1985-2000-2028, each with Takeshi with a different look and hair which will thrill his female fans, gasping at how young he still looks.

Story One has the feeling of bitter sweet, when the pessimistic and shy office lady finds hope in life after meeting him. Story Two seems a little out-of-place initially, dealing in gangsterism and brotherly love. My personal favourite is Story Three, with the charming old hairdresser lady showing the Grim Reaper the meaning of life.

Yes, one would expect a movie called ‘Accuracy of Death’ to reflect life.

Indeed, the Japanese are almost perfect in their art of story-telling. It is never obtrusive and not really obvious. You may sit through a huge part of the movie feeling rather it’s rather ordinary. But as the story unfolds, you will realise the beauty is in what is unspoken.

As the old lady brings the Grim Reaper to admire the sky, he gets his answer at the end. So will the audience. That is also a reflection of life. We sometimes wait till the end before we know what life is about. Poignant, and beautiful.

Accuracy of Death - A Beautful Reflection of Life

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