Speedracer (Film)

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The Wachowski brothers have done it again, bringing yet another out-of-this-world movie. The Matrix trilogy has already showed their talent and craziness as filmmakers, and V for Vendetta blended both political messages and entertainment cleverly.

Enter the future with Speed Racer and his quirky family, which may reminds many of The Jetsons and The Robinsons. All 3 are set in an unknown time beyond where the world is psychedelic with flying vehicles.

The visuals are amazing. Fast speeding vehicles over a retro future setting would remind many of being right in an arcade game. The rapid editing over time frames forward and backward was styled like a manga series.

Critical receptions have been negative though, with reviewers calling it ‘pure cotton candy’, ‘cinematic pile up’, to ‘most headache-inducing’. The avante-garde nature may not appeal to all, but I appreciated its take on just wanting to be very colourful and fun.

But like an oversized lollipop, it may be too much for the people to take. With themes on anti-establishments, family, love, brotherly love, identity and conspiracy, the focus was a little all over the place.

Asian viewers who wants more of Rain may be disappointed to see that his role though considerable, was rather forgettable.

For a movie on speed, the pace could have been a little tighter as it ran over two hours. Perhaps there were too many sub-plots and chimpanzee tricks.

Speed Racer – A Visual Spectacle

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