April Snow

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Though I am not a Bae Yong Jun fan, I watched it with much anticipation. I can tell you now, don't.

The story's probably lifted from some other Hollywood movie that I watched before. His wife and her husband met with a car accident. His wife and her husband were having an affair. They end up falling in love. What was that similar movie I watched that had Harrison Ford in it?

The major pitfall of this movie is it's way tooslow. I know Korean dramas are slow, but again, it's too lingering for its own good. You wished something would happen but it never.

The highlight of the movie has to be the bed scene between the two. Watch Son Ye Jin's painstaking agony as her clothes are slowly removed. And keep your eyes focused on Bae Yong Jun's chest as the camera pans deliberately up and down his chest. Oohs and ahh.

The snow falls in April. The movie ends. Loud breaths from the audience. A sign of relief, disappointment, or time to go to the toilet?

(Side note: This movie happened to be a flop in most other countries. I was surprised when I watched Taiwan's entertainment news.)

April Snow – Watch the snow fall slowly, slowly, slowly ...

2 Responses to “April Snow”

  1. Blogger +*jansTer*+ 

    try watching THE WIG. hon ming, rafie, xinyi, angelia & i spent 1hr 40 mins in the cinema for nuthin but a cliched movie... yawnz.. btw, 40-yr-old virgin is great! if u dare enuf to watch it! hehe.

  2. Blogger richardlimjr 

    Q: What was that similar movie I watched that had Harrison Ford in it?

    A: That was "Random Hearts". Beside that movie, Wong Kai Wai's In the Mood for Love also touches on similar plot set up.


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