The Myth

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A Jackie Chan movie formula = martial arts + comic effect + exotic scenery + sidekick + gorgeous female costars.

The Myth follows the adventures of archaeologist Jack (Jackie Chan) who has strange dreams about the Qin era with Princess Ok-soo (Kim Hee-Seon).

I was indeed captivated by the cinematography and the vast beauty of Gansu and South India. In fact, my interest ended after the story left India. India's Mallika Sherawat managed to sustain focus with her sensuality, sex appeal and saris. Unfortunately, her screen time was too short.

Still Kim Hee-Seon (being really very beautiful) could not escape the fate of being just a 'vase'. Kim, whether happy, sad, in love, angry probably looked the same as the portrait in the movie.

Welcome back Tony Leung as the side kick. Doesn't have much personality in the movie either. What's left? Yes, the martial arts which was overplayed towards the end.

I did love this time traveling epic at the start, till the ending. Qin Shi Huang would be turning in his grave.

The Myth = martial arts - comic effect + exotic scenery + gorgeous female costars + bad storyline.

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