The Longest Yard

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I hated the trailer. I told myself I won’t watch this movie because it’s Chris Rock and football. But I seem to be a sucker for Adam Sandler’s movies. Must be the goofy appeal.

And hey, the movie is not so bad after all. Sandler player an ex-football star who got sent to prison for drunk driving. The prison warden wants him to lead the prisoners against the guards for a football batch. To the ragtag inmates, this is the chance they've been waiting for – revenge.

Predictable ending to the match. But there are surprising elements and humour. Chris Rock is more likeable here than Madagascar’s zebra.

Being totally clueless about football, I still found the match exciting. But the only star here seems to be Sandler. What happened to the rest of the players?

The Longest Yard – Should be a crowd pleaser, but a tad too predictable.

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