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Director: Cory Edwards
Voice Talents of: Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, Patrick Warburton, Jim Belushi
RunTime: 80 mins
Genre: Animation
Rating: G

The Story of Little Red Riding Hood - One of my favourite childhood fairy tales which I would nudge my mummy to read me night after night. “Oh, what big ears you have??!” *Chuckles*

Hoodwinked is the same story told from 4 different points of view from Red, Granny, Big Bad Wolf and Woodcutter. Red (Anne Hathaway) is an angsty teenager who is fed up with delivering cup cakes; Wolf (Patrick Warburton) is a righteous journalist, Granny (Glenn Close) loves to lie and does extreme sport and Woodcutter (Jim Belushi) is just an aspiring actor.

While audience are spoilt by polished animations like Shrek and Cars, Hoodwinked does deliver despite having a significantly lower budget. Many times, a good movie is not about effects, but story.

Cheap lame jokes and irritating characters (like the singing goat and hyper squirrel) aside, Hoodwinked will appeal to the young. You will love Red Riding Hood and hyper cool Granny once more. And yes, the 3 little pigs have a supporting role.

Hoodwinked – Not too good. Not too bad either.

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  1. Anonymous FRQSTR=19124180x264932:1:1440|19124180|19124180|19124180|19124180 

    This site is great! Keep reviewing the movies that most people miss because people can always get reviews for blockbusters.

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    Hello. Thank you for the support. Yup, will try my best to watch some of the lesser publicised movies. :)

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