The Departed

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Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Vera Farmiga
RunTime: 145 mins
Genre: Crime
Rating: M18 (Coarse Language and Violence)
Will Appeal To: Fans of Infernal Affairs and Crime Thrillers

Scoreboard of TD (The Departed) vs IA (Infernal Affairs)
1) Leonardo vs Tony(The Good Guy) - Tie
Both men portray the complexity with the right amount. Tony’s solemn and mysterious and Leo can really act.
2) Matt vs Andy(The Bad Guy) - IA
No doubt I always preferred Matt, he was bland and Andy is just cool and vicious at the same time.
3) Jack vs Eric(The Big Baddie) - TD
Eric, it’s NOT your voice.
4) Martin vs Anthony(The Chief) - IA
Anthony is just always freaking freaky good.
5) Vera vs Sammi & Kelly (The Woman) - Tie
Vera may look like Sarah Jessica Parker, but takes an insignificant role alike weakest links Sammi and Kelly.
6) Scorsese vs Andrew(The Director) - Tie
Andrew’s the original. Scorsese manages to make all 145 minutes exciting.
7) The Story - IA
I just preferred how IA could draw the parallel better between the two men. The ending was also more impactful.

The Departed - Both are great movies, but my personal preference goes with the original.

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