The Last Kiss

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Director: Tony Goldwyn
Cast: Zach Braff, Jacinda Barrett, Casey Affleck, Blythe Danner, Rachel Bilson, Tom Wilkinson
RunTime: 1 hr 44 mins
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Rating: M18 (Scenes of Intimacy)
Will Appeal To: Zach Braff fans of
Garden State

Based on the 2001 Italian movie L’ultimno Bacio, The Last Kiss focuses around a young couple torn apart due to infidelity. It was a reflection of reality as a group of 20-somethings who face the crossroads of life as they approach the crucial age of 30. It was a choice between taking the safe route or the road less traveled.

Although the movie was featuring a large ensemble cast, the supporting cast turned out to be stereotypical roles who were inconsequential. The subplots of Jenna’s parents who face a midlife crisis and best friend Chris who was abandoned by his wife could have been explored a lot further. Unfortunately, it was just a touch-and-go. The stories of the two other friends also did nothing but slowed down the pace of the movie.

One of the key roles should be the 3rd party Kim, yet the only impression of the audience of her was a typical student seeking fun. There was no character development; therefore we don’t feel a sense of connection or sympathy. She does nothing more than to splice up the sex factor in this movie.

It is hard to fit this movie into any genre. While termed as a feel-good romantic comedy, it wasn’t very funny, sweet or dramatic to begin with. In fact, I couldn’t remember much of it except that it felt exceptionally long for its 104 minutes screen time.

The screenplay is written by Paul Haggis, who has two Oscar winning movies Million Dollar Baby and Crash behind him. He is also involved with the screenplay of Flags of Our Fathers and Casino Royale. Unfortunately, the Last Kiss could not handle the complexities of characters (like Crash) or depth (like Million Dollar Baby).

Although it was a story on commitment and adulthood, it was predictable and boring. It was hard for the audience to feel a sense of connection or emotion towards the story or ill-developed characters. The Last Kiss probably won’t get the same type of reviews the original Italian movie had, with most the authenticity lost in translation.

The Last Kiss – A long and boring kiss that is unmemorable.

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