Colic (Thai)

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Director: Patchanon Thumjira
Cast: Pimpan Chalayanacupt, Witthaya Wasukraisparn

RunTime: 108 mins
Genre: Horro (Thai)
Rating: NC 16 (Some Disturbing Scenes)

Horror movies are almost categorized with Japanese movies featuring white long haired woman, and Hollywood movies with blood and gore. In recent time, filmmakers start toying with technological gadgets from videos, to hand phones and emails (ghosts through your broadband and cable next?).

The Thais stick to something conventional, yet effective – a baby. It may be the vulnerability of babies, or housewives' tales involving babies, horror tales featuring babies and children should always work. The poster of Colic features a baby with a missing hand sitting next to a blood stained fruit blender, and can almost stir up your imagination (Argh!).

Colic is actually a syndrome found in infants, which causes infants to cry continuously for hours. This unexplained condition affects infants for up to five to sixth months and affects one in ten infants. Baby Pan doesn't stop crying, and the superstitious yet sweetly nice Thai mother-in-law blames it on supernatural beings.

The other Thai movie Shutter works because it is not what you see that scares, but what you don't see. Colic keeps the audience in suspense on what may happen and you question if there's something than more than what meets the eye.

However, the baby never stops crying and nothing ever happens. The pace of movie is further slowed by scientific explanations of the syndrome Colic and long conversations. The audience obviously knows that the burnt neighbour next door has something to do with the mystery, but all we hear is crying.

The real excitement comes through the last ten minutes of the movie, where you see real blood and gore which may keep eyes covered. (But you can't really close your ears so more baby's crying for you.) Again, that reminded me one of the scenes Final Destination Three.

Colic could have potentially a frightening horror movie that would match up to Shutter's success. Only if it had a faster pacing and focused on what it was trying to achieve.

Colic - Strongly not recommended to pregnant women and mothers with infants

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