The Man Of My Life (French)

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Director: Zabou Breitman
Starring: Bernard Campan, Charles Berling, Lea Drucker
RunTime: 104 mins
Genre: Drama
Rating: R21 (Mature Theme)
Will Appeal To: Gay Men

While branded as the French Brokeback Mountain, the two movies are very different. The term

'brokeback' seems to be synonymous with gay movies now, regardless the content.

Interestingly, a movie about a two males point of view (one homosexual, and one heterosexual) is directed by a woman.

The contrast of two men: One’s married man with children, the other’s homosexual. They have different lifestyles, one practicing monogamy and the other still in search for the perfect man. The only thing they have in common is their love for jogging and late night conversations.

The movie can be highly stereotypical at times in its portrayal of homosexual men, yet there is truth in it. The heterosexual man falls for the homosexual man through their conversations. What does it say? Does it go against stereotypes?

Visually very stylish, the story asks a lot of questions and you will find no answer. The lack of emotional depth, and slow moving pace did little to save the film.

Like Brokeback Mountain, the movie’s most pivotal scene involved the anguish of the man’s woman. Ironic. How about the men?

The Man Of My Life – More style than depth

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