Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

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Director: Liam Lynch
Cast: Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Ben Stiller
RunTime: 95 mins

Genre: Music Comedy
Rating: M18 (Coarse Language)
Will Appeal To: Fans of the greatest band in the world

(Warning: Entry rated M18)
Oh the dragons balls were blazin'
As I stepped into his cave.
Then I sliced his f***in' cockles,
With a long and shiney blade! '
Twas I who f***ed the dragon,
F***alize sing f***aloo!
And if you try to f*** with me,
Then I shall f*** you too!

Interesting, I am writing this after teaching a lesson of symbols in poems. Hmm... Anyway, Jack Black and Kyle Gass return with this tale of how Tenacious D came together, drawing on celebrity friends to tell a tale of a mystical guitar pick that will help them become the greatest band of all time.

You either think they are really talented and funny, or downright stupid, distasteful and crude. You take your pick.

Film critics probably won't take them too seriously, especially when it is a movie produced by Ben Stiller. Some may just miss the whole point of the movie, which is to be nonsensical.

Stealing a guitar pick and fighting with the devil may not be your choice of a logical and intellectual plot, but how they weave all the songs together was simply brilliant.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny – Not an "A" movie, but at least a "B-".

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