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Director: Tony Bill
Cast: James Franco, Jean Reno, David Ellison, Ruth Bradley
RunTime: 139 mins
Genre: War
Rating: PG (Some War Violence)

In the light of many other movies of the same genre, Flyboys had it difficult. No major studio was willing to finance the film and it had to be financed by individual investors. Critics have been rather harsh, blaming its poor script and unconvincing CGI. Box office has been rather mediocre as well.

Perhaps it was because the cast was mainly unknowns, with the male lead James Franco more known as playing second fiddle to Spiderman. The story of planes and the adventures of the Lafayette Escadrille, America’s first fighter pilots during the First World War may not thrill many. Perhaps viewers haven’t gotten over the disappointment of recent war movies such as Pearl Harbour.

To be fair to the movie, it is still quite an entertaining popcorn flick which does not require too much from the audience. A predictable storyline, 2-dimensional characters, a love story and exciting battle scenes won’t go too wrong. I had quite an exciting ride.

Flyboys – Will not take off but still a pleasant ride

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