United 93

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Director: Paul Greengrass
Starring: Christian Clemenson, Trish Gates, David Alan Basche, Cheyenne Jackson
RunTime: 111 mins
Genre: Documentary Drama
Rating: PG
Will Appeal To: If you care about the untold 911 story

I was very surprised this movie went straight to DVD in Singapore, perhaps it was due to box office concerns or sensitivities. Personally, this movie touched me a lot more than World Trade Centre, stirring up a mixture of emotions from disturbed, to sad, to angry to moved.

United 93 is a critically acclaimed docudrama written that chronicles events aboard United Airlines Flight 93, which was skyjacked during the September 11, 2001 attacks. The dialogue and story was based on interviews with the surviving family members and actual phone records heard from the plane.

This plane was the only one which did not hit its target, and it was due to the bravery to those on board. You feel with all of them. Though they are ordinary citizens, they exhibit bravery despite fear and you find it hard to bear at their eventual fate.

This touching movie is recommended to those who want to look at 911 beyond the twin towers, beyond the terrorist, but at the ordinary heroes who sacrificed themselves to save the world.

United 93 – Hard to watch, but a must watch

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