A Comedy of Power (French)

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Director: Claude Chabrol
Cast: Isabella Huppert, Francois Berleand and Patrick Bruel
RunTime: 110 mins
Genre: Drama (French)

Rating: PG

Do not be mistaken. A Comedy of Power is no comedy at all.

In fact, it drew few laughs in this long bore, exception the "$800,000 is peanuts!" joke. And that was only because we are reminded by our dear Mrs Goh's $600,000 peanut.

Although the movie is 'fictional', it reminded the French of the ELF Aquitaine scandal and perhaps the Singaporeans of the NKF scandal with its story dealing with fraud, misappropriation of funds and a powerful CEO. The protagonist here is a female judge, powerful at home and work, who felt powerless as she moves deeper into the case.

For once in my life, I hated myself for wasting two hours of my time. The conflict of a critic – Is there something I missed since it was nominated the Golden Bear in Berlin International Film Festival 2006? Or it was really a monotonous movie with almost no action, flat lighting, and talking heads like a never ending drone. The audience was clearly disappointed and fatigued. Bags were used as pillows while Judge Jeanne Charmant explained more of her inner struggles and feminist stand.

I am sure the French would identify more with it due to its send-up take on business politics. But for an ordinary cinema goer, long dialogues aren’t exactly their cup of tea. I warn you again, this is no comedy.

A Comedy of Power – Purely for French art house fans

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