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Director: Brian Robbins
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton, Eddie Griffin, Terry Crews, Cuba Gooding, Jr.
RunTime: 100 mins
Genre: Comedy
Rating: NC-16

Eddie Murphy is one very good actor, but not everybody knows that. From Beverly Hill Cops, Nutty Professor, Dr Dolittle to Shrek... Not everybody can play more than 10 roles (in a single movie) to a donkey as convincing as him. He just needs to win an Oscar. Wait! He may just win one from Dreamgirls.

Unfortunately, his Oscar win may be hesitated from the untimely release of Norbit, which is a movie that the mass loves but the critics hate. There is just so much to say about a nerd, his fat wife, and his love for his childhood friend.

Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles as Norbit (a goody nerdy orphan), Rasputia (the fat wife) and Mr Wong (his Chinese father). It is still rather amusing to see Eddie tackle a mean black fat woman role (like an oversized Queen Latifah), but haven't we all seen it in countless other movies and Nutty Professor?

If you do enjoy such movies, try not to watch the trailer at least because it spoils all the 'fun'. Fat girl goes to a swimming pool... oh, no no...! There are just so many stereotypical and crass jokes you can make of an obese black and Asian restaurant owner who cannot speak proper English.

Thandie Newton plays the slim, gorgeous and generous sweetheart Norbit would love to have. Between her and the foul-mouthed and big thigh wife, it doesn't take much to think who the nice guy would land up with in the end.

Norbit – 9 for Eddie, 2 for the movie

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