Gone Shopping (Film)

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Director: Wee Li Lin
Cast: Kym Ng, Aaron Kao, Sonya Nair, Adrian Pang
RunTime: 100 mins
Genre: Drama
Rating: NC-16

Clara’s (Kym Ng) one desperate housewife. Like Mary Alice Young in Desperate Housewives, she starts the movie with in a low and monotonous voiceover, recollecting her past and wondering if her shopping items would love her.

She is mistress of a Taiwanese business after she decided SIA is a great way to fly, but not enough to buy. She is just a lonely tai tai who spends her time hanging out at hair salons and in and out of shops in Marina Square and CK Tang. Yes, she is desperate for love and attention.

This is intercrossed with two weaker stories. A man craving for manhood, and makes out with his best friend’s cosplaying sister in a park at Shaw Towers. The other is a feisty 8-year-old girl, lost in Mustafa Centre, in need of her parents love. This is a story about three desperate people.

Wee Li-Lin’s one of Singapore’s undiscovered directors, and her short film Autograph Book captivated me with its simplicity and sweetness. Gone Shopping has definitely the potential, but it lacks that one punch. Perhaps it was the two weak links. Perhaps it was trying to hard to balance commercial and art house qualities. Perhaps the intersection is more forced than natural. Perhaps it could not bring out the loneliness of shoppers. I am one who shops when I am lonely, so I know.

Kym Ng is one credible comedian, and her first cinematic breakthrough as a mature and lonesome shopper though nothing surprising, is at least satisfactory. But yes, she is one very gorgeous housewife that every man would like to have at home.

Gone Shopping - An empty shopping bag

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