The Invisible City (Film)

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The Invisible City
is directed by Tan Pin Pin, one of Singapore’s best known filmmakers. I first met Pin Pin during the screening of her 2003 documentary 80kmh, a continuous single take of the drive from Tuas to Changi along PIE, lasting 38 minutes.
Fresh from having directed the critically and commercially acclaimed Singapore GaGa as well as the multiple award-winning Moving House, she now turns her camera to the subject of memory in her latest film.From an avid amateur film director trying to preserve his decaying trove of Singapore footage to an intrepid Japanese journalist hunting down Singaporean war veterans, Tan Pin Pin draws out doubts, hopes and the ordinary moments of these protagonists who attempt immortality. Through their footage and photos rarely seen until now, we begin to perceive faint silhouettes of a City that could have been.
Alas, she is a woman of few words, and prefers to let her films do the talking. She talks about her love for capturing moments on film and how she did not want to make Invisible City the way it was. After she filmed a huge portion of it, looked at the footage and edited together no less than 10 different versions.
1. Invisible City chronicles the ways people attempt to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear. Who has left the deepest mark in your life that made you who you are?
My parents.
2, What do you see as the biggest change in this city you are living in?
There are more interesting things to see and do here than before. We are more confident of ourselves. We no longer keep looking out.
3. Give us 3 reasons why we should watch the Invisible City.
Reason 1: We get to see footages of Singapore you have never seen before, and of a Singapore that doesn't exist anymore either.
Reason 2: You will meet interesting people who live in your midst that you'd never other wise meet, for example an archaeologist!
Reason 3: How about feeling the collective heartbeat, thump thump thump?
Would Tan Pin Pin go commercial one day?
Of course, I make lots of TV (commercials) and will continue to do so!
Full interview available at FIFO:

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