CJ7 (Film)

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Director: Stephen Chow
Cast: Stephen Chow, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Xu Jiao
RunTime: 88 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy (Mandarin)
Rating: PG

Stephen Chow’s movie used to be a staple for Chinese New Year, as groups gather together to catch re-runs of ‘God of Gamblers’ and ‘Fight Back to School’ on TV. I can fondly remember ‘Xiao Qiang’ the cockroach, and ‘Qi Meng’ the mole. While it was slapstick and nonsensical, that’s what we probably need for a stressful life. It has been a good 3-4 years since he last directed (Kungfu), and therefore the anticipation of CJ7.

The star of the movie is no longer Stephen Chow, but the very animated and talented son which happens to be acted a girl Xu Jiao. You know those super exaggerated faces you will catch on Japanese manga? Now, that’s what she is quite capable of.

Not forgetting the fuzzy green ball CJ7 whose eyes sparkle with so much delight, and is just way super CUTE. This alien dog reminds me of Doreamon, and I would definitely grab its soft toy if it’s available.

Wont’ say much about Kitty Zhang as she is unfortunately a flower vase with her portrayal of a caring school teacher. How more boring can that role get?

Stephen Chow obviously wants to milk some emotions and feelings with the portrayal of the father-son relationship. The story falls short a little (too predictable, familiar and contrived)P, and we will thoroughly miss what’s he has been good at – slapstick humour.

CJ7 – Extremely CUTE but disappointing with little laughs

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