Meet The Spartans (Film)

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When the gorgeous Wai Han wanted to watch Meet The Spartans as a date movie, I went like, “You really really really are going to watch Meet the Spartans?!” I am sure she regretted her decision.

It also makes me wonder how about the millions of American and Singaporean viewers who supported this film all the way to Box Office Number 1.

Hey, I am not some strict and boring reviewer, and do appreciate some sense of humour as well. I hate to admit this, but I actually enjoyed Scary Movie. At least it was funny, sarcastic and refreshing.

One can send that the producers have run out of their creative juices for their latest spoof. It started all right with the usual puke, armpit hair and s*** stuff, but the battle/dance scenes were just long and repeatative. Quoting Simon Cowell, “It was a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y dreadful.”

You get your usual doses of Paris Hilton, Ugly Betty, Britney, Lindsay blah blah, but we want more. Enough of gay and black jokes. Next. The best part was the Paula Abdul impersonation which got me to chuckle a little, but that’s it.

Saying so much, I still watched it. Argh!

Meet The Spartans – I want to save you $9:50 and 84 minutes

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