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Simple Story made complicated. A sequel to Get Shorty, and to cut long story short….. A film producer Chili Palmer (John Travolta) teams up with music producer Edie (Uma Thursman) to groom talent Linda Moon (Christina Milian) in a star.

In between there are murders, crimes, Russian mafias, nasty managers, a gay bodyguard, Danny DeVito, Aerosmith, Black Eye Peas, Cedric the Entertainer, OutKast… who else?

This movie reminds me of a Chinese New Year house visiting. People coming in and out. “What are all these people here for?” And you get bored after a while.

I slept a moment during the dance scene between Travolta and Thurman. Too irrelevant and too long. I felt the movie wasted these 2 stars, especially Thurman. Somebody has to save Milian’s sliding career. She can sing, but so what. The movie fails to bring out her personality.

The funny guys are The Rock and Vince Vaughn (from Dodgeball). One’s a aspiring-actor gay bodyguard, the other his dense ‘chee ko peh’ manager. I thought Steve Tyler was quite a spot too.

Be Cool – Not really cool but go for it if you love stars, the Rock, and whole lot of fun.

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    hey0s! it's great t0 see the bl0g getting us inf0rmed ab0ut latest m0vies etc! yuppies. d0 dr0p by mine t0o? yuppies. and d0 tag in my tag b0ard and share s0me advises with mie yeah! G0d Bless! =p

  2. Anonymous BanBan 

    Thank you Thank you. Opps, I am not sure how to use a tag board yet. Do feedback after you watch any of these movies. :)

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