Bug Me Not 虫不知

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Sooooooo cute……………I don’t know who is cuter. Coochie the ladybug who can speak to humans, or Ah Moon, the school girl who can talk to insects.

The colour-blind Ah Moon is has a crush on the reticent and illiterate Gao Yuan. She is absolutely clueless about love, and the lady bug Coochie comes to the rescue.

Nonsensical storyline? It doesn’t matter. What matters is Hong Kong film making has taken a step in incorporating 3D animation to their movies. Although the plot is ridiculous and the insects can be a little irritating at times – they rattle too much.

The movie is saved by the newbies Isabella Leung as Ah Moon, and Chen Po Lin as Gao Yuan. This is just pure freshness and kawaii-ness. The cutest of all? Twin’s Charlene and Gillian acting as a flying witch and an auntie with psychic powers.

Bug Me Not – 0 for story, but 1 for the soundtrack, 1 for the saccharine sweetness and 1 for the breakthrough.

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