The Great Raid

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I have always been a fan of war genres like Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbour and the recent Longest Engagement. Based on a true story of a rescue mission of US POWs in the Philippines held captive for more than 3 years, I thought this was a must-watch after seeing the thrillers.

A war genre. Credible actors who include Benjamin Bratt, James Franco and Joseph Fiennes. Historical inspirations. Celebration of the human spirit. So what was missing?

A lack of marketing? Straight-in-your-face story telling by director John Dahl? Or the fact the war movies are overdone? Especially when it is not an 'epic' of special effects.

For me, it was the emotions part. Scenes which could have drove tears. The love between the strong Connie Nielson and languished Joseph Fiennes was overly subtle. Torture scenes were 'seen-befores'.

The movie did come alive during the rescue mission. Was it too late? To me, it was enough. Should be inspiring but lacks the commercial appeal.

The Great Raid – Not great, but good enough.

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