A Season For Love (Korean)

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I am not a sucker for Korean fare – In fact, I hated those soapy brother-sister relationships, and 'I have cancer amongst other things' life.

A Season for Love chronicles the lives of four different relationships as they deal with love, loss and life. Somewhat predictable storyline. But I almost tear towards the end. I didn't, but the cinema was probably sobbing.

I guess each person could identity with at least one of the stories. For me, it was the deaf girl who fell in love with an artist. Things she wanted to say, but couldn't express. For things he wanted to say, he just needed that eraser. I felt with her, and I didn't believe I did.

"I no longer believe the words that you can love without anything else." For those who have fallen in love, for those who needs love, for those who just values a simple soundtrack and story telling... A Season For Love is a timely release. One of my personal favorites this year.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

A Season for Love – Prepare Your Kleenex

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  1. Anonymous Lynnette 

    Hello! Just a passerby here.

    I watched this with my friends but I didn't find it particularly touching, maybe the deaf girl and the artist story was kind of cute, but the ending was completely illogical, I mean, how could the guy even have a video cam when he was in the fire, and if he died, the video cam should have also 'perished'??

    It's actually kind of disappointing, a waste of $9.50.

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