Walk The Line

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"Walk The Line" picked up 3 Golden Globes for Best Picture, Actor and Actress and also in the running for the same categories in Oscars. Expectations are high. It is hard not to draw comparisons to of "Walk The Line" to "Ray". Johnny Cash, like Ray Charles, had a traumatic childhood, extra-marital affair and a life of drugs and music.

Let's start with the film itself. It was straight forward story telling, which lacked some heart and sympathy. At the end of it, Johnny Cash was still rather distant. His story became rather bland in comparison.

Reese Witherspoon finally overcame her blonde-roles to take on the exigent June Carter, probably her biggest career breakthrough. Speaking in the accent may not be too difficult for her since she took on "Sweet Home Alabama" but singing like June Carter would be her greatest challenge. It's 50-50 chance for Oscars, but people seem to favour the all American sweetheart.

Oh, Joaquin Phoenix seems almost like a shoo-in for Best Actor. His mannerism, internal struggles and of course, singing (!) was fantastic. You really wondered if he spoke in such low octaves in real life.

I did not feel much about the movie, but I just can't stop humming to the tune of "Jackson". Bring it home, baby!

Walk The Line – The Music Is The Movie

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