Da Vinci Code

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One year ago, I picked up reading once again (as I finally got the time from reservist). The choice was Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. To date, it is still my favourite thriller novel and I will still highly recommend if you have not read it.

One year latter, (and after waiting so long in anticipation) I finally caught the premiere. It kept me perpetually gripping my seat and gasping at certain points. As the movie narrates, imaginary in my mind unfolds – indeed the movie has stayed very true in its adaptation. To condense it to a 2-hour plus movie, director Ron Howard has done the best he could.

No doubt, this IS the most controversial film of 2006. Critics have slammed it; religious groups have protested against it;
non-readers laughed. Frankly speaking, if Bruce Almighty was God, Neo was The One, why can’t Jesus marry Mary Magdalene? For goodness sake, both the book and the movie are friction.

At the end of the movie, I could hear claps, but were '
stopped' by some laughter. Would have wanted to clap as well, because the production values of the movie is very high. You could't ask for a better casting, unless Harrison Ford is 20 years younger.

My take is: The book is still better as you are involved in solving the mystery together, keeping you riveted to the pages. Non-readers would be more confused than ever – what are anagrams, cryptologists or Opus Dei? Therefore, read the book first.

One of the best movie adaptations ever, and shall I say strictly for fans only? My student asked if I ever cast any doubt about Jesus after reading Da Vinci, all I could say strong Christian faith will never be shaken by a fictitious book or movie.

Da Vinci Code – Leave the controversies behind and enjoy the movie.

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