Daisy (Korean)

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"This one Sassy girl meh? No lah, so fat, got double chin some more."

I made the legitimate mistake of not recognizing one of Asia's biggest star Jeon Ji-Hyun because of her new chin. Amsterdam should employ her as their food ambassador. Her fans, please forgive me okay?

You may divide his movie into you – The Korean and The Hong Kong. Let's start with the Korean: Ms Sassy Girl no longer kicks and punches with her hands, but instead uses them to paint beautiful daisies from Amsterdam. You see lots of slow beautiful pans of daisies and reminiscing about love. Bring in the 2 guys, the good and the bad, and you get a love triangle. So typical right? That's not all.

The Hong Kong second half: Mr Good Guy (Cop) and Bad Guy (Killer) faces off. One of them dies. No prize for guessing who. Triad boss speaks Cantonese and there is a slow-mo gun fight at the end. Think Infernal Affairs.

Infernal Affairs Andrew Lau directed Daisy, hence the similarity. He wants to tell you they are NOT the same movie, despite the similar titles Wu Jian Dao and Ai Wu Jian. Just in case you are wondering why Daisy is translated as Ai Wu Jian, Andrew Lau doesn't know why either.

Daisy - Korean romance meets Hong Kong thriller

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